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RAF Avro 698 Vulcan B-2

The Avro Vulcan B2 was one of my favorite aircraft as a youngster, and still today a remarkable design considering the time at which it was built. I believe the Vulcan is retired from service now, but played an active military role as recently as the Falkland dispute.
The Avro 698 Vulcan first flew on August 30th 1952and was first fitted with four Rolls-Royce Avon turbojets. The Avon's were replaced with Bristol Siddeley Sapphires, and then Rolls Royce Conways.
The second prototype was powered by four Bristol Siddeley Olympus 100s. The fuselage was slightly elongated to facilitate the installation of a longer nose wheel assembly. This version made it's first flight September 3, 1953.
A redesigned delta wing with a compound sweepback was fitted to this aircraft, and made test flights October 5, 1955.
On August 31, 1957 test flights began of the larger delta wing B2 version.

The Vulcan B2 pictured below first flew on August 30, 1958 and production was completed in 1964.
The Vulcan B2 used four Olympus Mk 201 or 301 engines. It had the ability to carry the "Blue Steel" stand-off nuclear bomb. The B2 served in an overland strike role and had in flight refueling capabilities. Later set up to carry free fall nuclear weapons or twenty-one one thousand pound high explosive bombs. There was an SR2 conversion for strategic reconnaissance.

Engines; four 20,000 lb. st (88.97 kN) Rolls-Royce Bristol Olympus Mk 301 turbojets.
Wing Span; 111 ft. (33.83 m.)
Length; 99 ft 11 in. (30.45 m.)
Maximum t/o weight; 180,000 lbs. (81,645 kg.)
Max cruising speed; 625 mph. (1,005 km/h.)
Combat Radius; 2,875 miles (4,630 km.) with in-flight refueling

vulc3_01.jpg (26883 bytes) This very old pair of photos with the Vulcan B2 in formation with two CL-41 Tutors vulc3_02.jpg (37686 bytes)
vulc1_03.jpg (32834 bytes) A nice ramp shot, slightly more recent on the time line.

vulc1_04.jpg (31443 bytes) Vulcan XL425 has a full camouflage, paint scheme.
vulc1_05.jpg (27183 bytes) XL425 makes a pass with bomb bay doors open and then closed. A nice view of the ground camouflage. vulc1_06.jpg (28092 bytes)

vulc1_08.jpg (23645 bytes) XM 575 Makes a pass with bomb bay doors open vulc1_07.jpg (24467 bytes)
vulc1_10.jpg (31484 bytes) Ramp view of XM 575 note the lighter camouflage scheme.  
vulc1_09.jpg (24401 bytes) The Mk 301's rumble as the Vulcan banks away.  


Thunder and Lightnings

You will find these Vulcan photos and much more about the fabulous Vulcan at the above link.

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