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Photography Credits

Doug Bawn,  copyright1998, Unfortunately many of the older images do not have negatives which are in good condition. The more recent photographs are indexed and catalogued. I will make them available in the future. I am not a photographer, so for private individuals the cost will simply be reproduction fee and postage.

Older negatives which are available for reproduction, (early 1970's) Two each of Vulcan B-2 with 2 Tutors (fair condition, good colour, some scratching), Starfighter and Freedom fighter ready to take off (fair condition as previous), 7 Tutors in formation (same as previous), C-130 CAF Herc on ramp engines running, bicycle in foreground (same as previous), Aurora and Tracker in formation (same as previous), Four T-33's in a flat diamond formation (same as previous).

Voodoo 035 static display, AN-124 Condor, Concorde, Air Canada's first 747, CP Air's first 747,  (all previous in excellent condition)

More to come as I sift through the old negatives.

Aviation Photography, Series 3400, Corel Corporation, Ottawa, Canada.

Lycos, as a Tripod Member, this website has access to the Lycos Image Gallery.

D-Net, Canadian Defense Forces, on the world wide web.

USAF, Images library

If you have any aircraft images which you would like to share, I would be please to put them on a page for you (space permitting.) Click on my name above.

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