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The Big, The Bad,
The Buff

The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress first flew in prototype form as the YB-52 on April 15th, 1952. The BUFF affectionately know as the "Big Ugly Fat F_ _ _ _ _ ", while starting life strictly as a strategic nuclear bomber, has shown a remarkable versatility and life-span in it's multi-role delivery capabilities. Unique features to this aircraft also include the four tandem offset landing gear. In addition there is an outrigger landing gear mounted on each of the wings. The B-52 uses eight Pratt & Whitney TF33-P3 turbofans, with a water injection system to assist on takeoff. The water injection adds approximately a 17% increase to the takeoff power, also leaving the runway covered in a dense smoke screen.

Truly a remarkable aircraft, when one considers the time at which it was designed, and the fact it's life span has been extended almost to the 21st century, now. I might imagine that this marvelous air frame has surpassed it's designed limit several times. If you get a chance to see one up close, have a look at the skin of the plane for it's characteristic skin rippling.

Retired it will be remembered as a Big Fine Flyer.


Engines- Eight 17,000lb st (75.6 kN) Pratt & Whitney TF33-P-3 turbofans with water injection. Updated with P&W J57-P-43WB Turbojets
Wing Span- 185' (56.39m)
Length- 157' 7" (48.03m)
Maximum take off weight- 488,000 lbs. (221,350 kg)
Max Speed- 650 mph (1,040 km/h) @ 20,000 ft.
Range- 12,500 miles (20,120 kilometers)
Armament (among many)- One M-61 20mm gun in GE turret, Up to 20 SRAM attack missiles on a rotary launcher, nuclear free fall bombs

The B52G pictured here is from the 319th Bomb Wing, Grand Forks Air Force Base, North Dakota. Squadron; 46th Bomber Squadron

b52g_04.jpg (25786 bytes) The B52G makes a pass with flaps down and gear going up. The outriggers can be seen retracting on the left photo. b52g_01.jpg (21886 bytes)

As the gear is nearly hidden you get a nice look at the flaps and the EVS (LLLTV)blister (port side below the nose) and the FLIR blister (starboard side.) The light blister on the side of the nose is the ALQ-117 radar warning antenna.

b52g_02.jpg (25033 bytes)

b52g_03.jpg (21792 bytes) Flaps down and spoilers up Flaps up and spoilers up b52g_05.jpg (28707 bytes)

The B52G moves in "clean" at speed. b52g_06.jpg (22157 bytes)

I am aware that a couple of images have bad links. I will fix them asap.

This photo, by the greenery looks like the European "theater" B52G_07.jpg (40751 bytes) 903721.jpg (2349 bytes) Landing 'chute deployed
903708.jpg (3382 bytes) Three generations, B-52 G, B-1B, and B-2 Ready to run up the P&W's 903718.jpg (2553 bytes)
903719.jpg (2529 bytes) Nice in flight photos 903720.jpg (2294 bytes)  
  903722.jpg (3132 bytes) In the Pacific "theater" 903723.jpg (2801 bytes)

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