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The historic Sopwith Camel was the most accomplished British single seat fighter of World War I and was credited with 1,294 "kills." It was a challenging aircraft to fly with the high torque produced by it's large rotary engine. During dog-fights experience pilots could use this coupled with the Camel's agility for rapid maneuvers. Camels were first in service in the middle of 1917. At the end of production 5,490 Sopwith Camels were built.

Specifications; Engine; (one) 97 kW (130 hp.) Clerget rotary, or 82 kW. (110 hp.) Le Rhone to 112 kW. (150 hp.) Bentley B.R 1, Wing span; 8.53 m. (28' 0"), Length 5.72 m. (18' 9"), Maximum take-off weight; 659 kg. (1,454 lbs.), Maximum level speed; 185 km/h (115 mph.), Armament; (two) Vickers machine guns.

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