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McDonnell F2H Banshee

The first prototype for the Banshee flew on January 11, 1947. When production ceased in 1953 892 aircraft had been produced. In 1955 the Royal Canadian Navy received 39 F2H-3 all weather fighters from the US Navy.

The F2H-3 was a long range version of the fighter (pictured below) and had a mid fuselage section added for two added fuel tanks. Radar was placed in the nose section and the cannons were moved aft in the fuselage. The tail assembly had a slight dihedral and the aircraft had an in-flight probe-drogue.

Specifications F2H-2; Engines; (two) Westinghouse J34-WE-34 turbojets 14.01 kN. (3,150 lbs. st.), Wing span; 13.67 m. (44' 10"), Length; 12.24 m. (40' 2"), Maximum take-off weight;  10,120 kg. (22,312 lbs.), Maximum level speed;  917 km/h. (570 mph.), Range; 2,374 km. (1,475 miles), Armament; (four) 20 mm. cannon.

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