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The Conair Firecat

Formerly the Grumman CS2F-1 Tracker, (Canadian forces) a Navy plane, Conair has converted these into a valuable fire fighting plane. Now renamed the Conair Firecat.

fbom_c21.jpg (40405 bytes) fbom_c08.jpg (46220 bytes)

The big radials really rumble as the Firecat taxis to take-off in the 40 C. (104 F.) plus weather. Original power was (2) Wright R-1820-82WA (1525 hp), some have been converted to a turbo prop version (2) Pratt & Whitney Can. PT6A-67AF (1,020 shp) The floor was raised to install a 3,296 liter (870 USG) for fire retardant and a 173 liter (46 USG) tank for foam concentrate.

fbom_c13.jpg (49574 bytes) fbom_c14.jpg (41281 bytes)

The Firecat lifts off quickly, the Greenstone Mountain Fire is in the background.

firecat.jpg (6150 bytes)

The Firecat makes a retardant drop.

Specifications; Engines as above; Wing span; 22.13 m. (72' 7"), Length; 13.26 m (43' 6"), Maximum take-off weight; 13,222 kg. (29,150 lbs.); Maximum level speed 426 km/h. (265 mph.)

Armament; Fuselage bay for 60 echo sounding depth charges, one Mk 101 or Mk 57 nuclear depth bomb, Six underwing hard points for torpedoes, five in one rockets, 32 sonobuoys in nacelles.

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