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Canadair CL-415

The Canadair 415 Water-bomber carries a water load of 6,123 kilograms (13,500 lbs.) Length 65 feet, wingspan 95 feet and gross weight, after scooping 23,319 kilograms (47,000 lbs). The two Pratt & Whitney turboprops mounted on above wing nacells generate 2380 shaft horsepower each. The first Canadair 415 was deliveried in 1994. This plane with one other, was on loan to British Columbia from Quebec along with her crews. The Quebec crews found the mountains terrain and altitude changes very challenging.

fbom_d19.jpg (43879 bytes) fbom_b24.jpg (33831 bytes) fbom_d18.jpg (38129 bytes)
The 415 taxis out after a crew change. Notice the Province of Quebec insignia on the side. Notice also all the winglets, dorsal/ventral fins on the tailplane to enhance low speed handling. The 415 taking off as runway crews are quickly dousing the grass after a pyrotechnic display. The 415 rises quickly after take-off and is framed by the tail of a C-141 Starlifter

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