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Lockheed Electra

The Lockheed L-188 Electra designed as a short and medium range airliner, first flew on December 6th, 1957. The Electra photographed below flies today for Air Spray of Alberta Canada as a firebomber dropping chemical retardant.

Specifications;Engines; (four) Allison Model 501D-13s 2,795 kW. (3,750 shp.) later models had (four) Allison Model 501-D15s 3,018 kW (4,050 shp.), Wing span; 30.18 m. (99' 0"), Length: 31.81 m. (104' 6.5") Maximum take-off weight; 52,664 kg. (116,000 lbs.), Cruising speed; 652 km/h (405 mph.), Range; 4,458-5,570 km. (2,770-3,460 miles), Accommodation (as a passenger liner); 44, 65, 66, or 88 passengers.

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It's great to see all of these planes still in action.

Airspray is based in Alberta (I believe.) I will try and bring you a link as soon as I find it.

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