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Douglas DC-6




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The Douglas DC-6 was built to compete with the popular Lockheed Constellation. It first flew as a prototype (XC-112A) on February 15, 1946. The DC-6 remained in production (DC-6B) until 1958. It was a fine passenger plane and remarkable to still see them in service in the role of a firebomber.

Specifications; (DC-6B) Engines (four)1,565 kW. (2,100 hp.) Pratt & Whitney Double Wasp CA 15 engines, Wing Span; 35.81 m. (105' 7"), Length 32.18 m. (105' 7"), Maximum take-off weight; 48,534 kg. (107,000 lbs.), Cruising speed; 507 km/h (315 mph.), Range 4,835 km. (3,005 miles), Capacity (as a passenger liner); 54 - 102 passengers.


Conair Douglas DC-6

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Conair Douglas DC-6 lumbers off the runway with a full load of retardant Conair DC-6 on a fly by The Douglas DC-6 first flew on February 15, 1946.

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