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The Martin Mars, the worlds largest water bomber, with a length of 120 feet, a wing span of 200 feet and a drop capacity of ONE MILLION liters (265,000 U.S. Gallons) of water during a single sortie (37 consecutive drops 5.9 hrs), it is truely an impressive plane to see in action.

The Mars' gross weight loaded is 73,483 Kilograms (162,000 lbs)

The Martin Mars flying boat was originally built as an experimental patrol bomber with the designation XPB2M-1. It first flew in July 1942. This was the twin ruddered tail version of the Mars. It was modified as a cargo transport flying boat and redesignated as XPB2M-1R. The JRM Mars was the production development of the XPB2M1-R. 20 were ordered the first of which flew in the summer of 1945, The fourth JRM-1 in summer 1946 and the fifth JRM-2 in the fall of 1947.

First installed with (4) Wright R-3350 (2100 hp) Duplex Cyclone radials. The fifth Martin JRM Mars was installed with (4) Pratt & Whitney R-4630 (3000 HP) Wasp Major radials but was later retrofitted with the Wright R3350-24WA radials (2500 HP) to be compatible with the fleet.


The two Mars phtographed here still fly today.

fbomb18.jpg (24539 bytes) fbomb19.jpg (24629 bytes) fbomb20.jpg (45815 bytes)
The "Hawaii" Mars at rest.



On the "Step"

Descending to begin the run.

If you look closely, a small boat can be seen trying to chase the Mars

The white tail of the "Philippine" Mars as it begins a lake pass.

Ready to lift off, the Mars accelerates to about 100 knots

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The distictive white tail of the Philippine Mars is visible here. This plane utilizes a side drop system. The Greenstone Mountain fire early in the day.

If you save the Greenstone Mountain Fire Photo (right) and then zoom in on the lower right corner, you will see a speck. That is not dirt on the negative. It is the Martin Mars. It gives you a perspective on how large a battle these crews have.

fbom_c18.jpg (46802 bytes) The Martin Mars "Hawaii" turns and levels out as it descends to Kamloops lake after a drop. fbom_c19.jpg (65733 bytes)

marsbom.jpg (8966 bytes) firemars.jpg (17867 bytes)

The Hawaii Mars coming head on.

The Philippine Mars making a drop.

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