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de Havilland DHC-5 Buffalo

The de Havilland Buffalo is a STOL aircraft which was developed from the Caribou. The first Buffalo flew on April 9, 1964. Incorporating a wider fuselage and upgraded engines, the Buffalo has been delivered to many Air Forces around the world. The DHC-5 uses a "T" tail with a rear cargo door for vehicles, freight or air-dropping loads. It can seat 41 troops or 35 paratroops or carry a load of 24 casualties with six attendants. The current production version uses T-64 engines and has improved STOL performance.

Specifications; (two) General Electric CT64-820-4 turboprops 2,336 kW. (3,133 shp.), Wing span; 29.26 m. (96' 0"), Length; 24.08 m. (79' 0"), Maximum take-off weight; 22,316 kg. (49,200 lbs.), Maximum speed; 463 km/h (288 mph.), Range; (max payload) 1,112 km. (691 miles.)

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