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Lockheed CP-140 Aurora

This special version of the Lockheed P.3 Orion combines the basic airframe of the Orion with the sophisticated avionics of the Lockheed S-3A Viking. It is fitted with the ASW sensor, APS-116 Radar, OR-89 FLIR and the Univac 1832A processor. Fight crew is five plus six tactical. The CP-140 Aurora is considered superior to all other Orion versions.

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Specifications; Engines (four) Allison T560-A-14 Turboprops 3,663 kW. (4,910 hp.), Wing span 30.37 m. (99' 8"), Length; 35.61 m. (116' 10"), Maximum take-off weight; 61,235 kg. (135,000 lbs.), Maximum speed; 761 km/h (473 mph.), Range (radius) 2,494 km. (1,550 miles)

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