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Lockheed C-141 Starlifter

If the C-130 Hercules had a big brother, the C-141 Starlifter is it. The Starlifter was undertaken by Lockheed probably partially due to the experience with the successful C-130. The USAF requirements came forward in May 1960 for a long range jet powered transport. The first aircraft lifted off  the tarmac December 17th, 1963. Sixteen months later on April 23, 1965 the Starlifter became operational. The problem with the early C-141's was that the cargo volume was usually taken up, long before the maximum payload was reached. In 1976 a programme was adopted to lengthen the fuselage by 7.11m (23' 4") at the same time an in flight refueling boom was added. All surviving C-141's have been converted to the C-141B status.


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Specifications; Engines; (four) Pratt & Whitney TF33-P7 turbofans 9,525 kg. (21,000 lbs. st.), Wing span; 48.74 m. (159' 11"), Length; 44.2 m. (145' 0")(C-141A), 51.29 m. (168' 3 1/2")(C-141B), Maximum take-off weight; 143,607 kg. (316,600 lbs.)(C-141A), 155,582 kg. (343,000 lbs.)(C-141B), Maximum level speed; 919 km/h (571 mph.)(C-141A), 912 km/h. (567 mph.)(C-141B), Range; 6,566 km. (4,080 miles) (C-141A), 4,723 km. (2,935 miles) (C-141B)

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