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Boeing B-47 Stratojet

The first of two prototypes for the B-47 made it's first flight December 17, 1947. Production orders were placed and the first B-47A flew on June 25, 1950. It was a six-engined swept wing bomber, the first of it's type.  Over 2,200 B-47's were built in a variety of configurations.

One of the more interesting is the B-47 below which was used by the RCAF to test the powerful Orenda Iroquois engine which was to be fitted to the Avro Arrow Interceptor. During in flight testing the Iroquois was limited to 16,000 lbs. st. at which point the B-47 had all six engines set to idling. Afterburner test were not carried out in this configuration.

Specifications B-47E; Engines; (six) General Electric J47-GE-25 turbojets (water injection) 26.69 kN. (6,000 lbs. st.), Wing span;  35.35 m. (116' 0"), Length; 32.92 m. (108' 0"), Maximum take-off weight; 91,625 kg. (202,000 lbs.), Maximum level speed; 1,013 km/h (630 mph.), Range; 5,150 km. (3,200 miles), Armament; (two) 20 mm. cannon, up to9,070 kg. (20,000 lbs.) bombs.

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