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North American B-25 Mitchell

Rough, tough noisy and packing an awesome punch. The Mitchell was born from the NA-40 prototype first flown in January 1939. After the US Army revised the specifications it went right into production. The first B-25 Mitchell flew on August 19, 1940. Designed with shoulder mounted wings and tricycle landing gear. There were numerous models of these fine aircraft and when production finished a total of 9,816 Mitchells had been built. The J model could carry an ordnance load of 1,814 kg. (4,000 lbs.), made up of bombs, mines or torpedoes and (thirteen) 0.50 inch guns.

After the WW II several B-25's were bought by the RCAF for advanced multi-engine training and light transport duties. Mitchell, 5139, served from January 1952 to May 1962 with No. 1 Advanced Flying School at RCAF Station Saskatoon.

HO#891 of 418 "City of Edmonton" Squadron was one of a total of 164 Mitchells of Mks. I, II, III, and IIIA1 on the strength of the RCAF from 10 July, 1942 to 12 November, 1963. 418 Squadron acquired the "City of Edmonton" appellation on 3 September, 1952 while classified as a Light Bomber Squadron (Auxiliary). '891 was one of the most photographed RCAF B-25Ds (formerly USAAF 41-29886) and served from 1944 to 1956 as a photographic aircraft among other duties.  Notice that the nose glass has been painted over, the camera ports skinned over, and it's serving as a pilot trainer.

Specifications; Engines; (two) Wright R-26000-29 Cyclone radials 1,378.6 kW. (1,850 hp.), Wing span; 20.6 m. (67' 7"), Length; 16.1 m. (52' 11"), Maximum take-off weight; 18,960 kg. (41,800 lbs.), maximum level speed; 443 km/h (275 mph.), Range; 2,052 km. (1,275 miles)

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