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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

Truly one of the most historic aircraft of World War 2, there are few more remarkable bombers or aircrews, than those who flew the B-17. The first few B-17B's entered service in March 1940. The most extensively built, was the B-17G variant.

Despite the horrific losses of planes and courageous crews, these planes continued their attacks until victory was finally achieved. Although undertaken originally as a private venture by the Boeing Company a total of 12,731 Fortresses were built by Boeing, Douglas, and Lockheed.

Specifications B-17G; Engines (four) Pratt & Whitney R-1820-97 radials 894 kW. (1,200 hp.) Wing span; 31.62 m. (103' 9"), Length; 22.66 m. (74' 4"), Maximum take-off weight; 27,710 kg. (65,500 lbs.), Maximum level speed 462 km/h (287 mph.), Range 3,219 km. (2,000 miles), Armament; (thirteen) 0.50 machine guns, bomb load up to 7,983 lbs. (17,600 lbs.)

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