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Lockheed F 104 cf 104 Starfighter

The Lockheed Starfighter adopted the somewhat inappropriate nickname of the "Widowmaker" as a result of some unfortunate incidents as the F-104G's service with the Luftwaffe. This term, however did not apply generally as the Starfighter compiled a remarkable service record.

Designed by Lockheed's C.L. "Kelly" Johnson the F-104 originated in late1952. As a result of the Korean War, the USAF defined a need for an air superiority fighter, operable near the front and able to climb rapidly to engage in high level combat. It was designed to be "cheap" (affordable) and easy to maintain.

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The first of the prototypes XF-104 flew on February 28, 1954. On January 26, 1958 the first Starfighters began to enter service as the F-104A.

Canadair built 200 strike -reconnaissance and 100 fighters under license from Lockheed.

Darryl Greenamyer assembled a Starfighter from non-serviceable ex-military components. Designated the F-104RB (Red Baron) he set a low-level world speed record over a  3 kilometer course at 1,590 km/h. (988.26 mph.) on October 24, 1977. The Red Baron was lost in 1978.


Engine; (one) 79.62 kN. (17,900 lbs. st.) afterburning J79-GE-19 turbojet, Wing Span; 6.68 m. (21' 11"), Length; 16.69 m. (54' 9"), Maximum take-off weight; 14,061 kg. (31,000 lbs.), Maximum level speed Mach 2.2 , Cruising speed 982 km/h. (610 mph.), Range; 1,247 km. (775 miles)


M-61 Vulcan Cannon 21 mm., 1,814 kg (4,000 lbs.) external weapons which may include (two) Sidewinder or Sparrow Missiles as an Interceptor.

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