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Avro 683 Lancaster

Originating from the twin engined Avro Manchester, what was to become the most successful night fighter of WW II became operational with the RAF March 3 , 1942. Canada still had Lancasters in service during the year 1964 for photo reconnaissance work. The Avro Lancaster, often carried a 14,000 pound bomb-load (about two and one half tons MORE than the American B-17G Flying Fortress bomber). Later versions of the Lancaster could lift the massive 12,000 pound "Tall Boy" and the 22,000 pound "Grand Slam" bombs!

Specifications; Engines (four) Rolls Royce Merlin 24s 954.5 kW. (1,280 hp.), Wing Span; 31.09 m. (102' 0"), Length; 21.13 m. (69' 4"), Maximum take-off weight; 30,844 kg. (68,000 lbs.), Maximum level speed 443 km/h (275 mph), Range; 2,600 km. (1,620 miles), Armament (ten) 0.303 inch machine guns, bomb load as above.

The restored Lancaster aircraft, below nick named the "Mynarski Lancaster" after Canadian VC recipient Andrew Mynarski. This aircraft is in the wartime colours and markings of Mynarski's 419 Moose Squadron aircraft.

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