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General Dynamics F-111

The General Dynamics F-111 "Aardvark" was the first  variable geometry type of aircraft to reach a "quantity" production. The prototype F-111A first flew on December 21st, 1964. After many changes the F-111A entered service in 1967. It used two 82.3 kN (18,500 lbs. st.) Pratt & Whitney TF30-P-1 / 3 engines. Despite it's "F" designation, these were not used as fighters, rather all weather precision bombers.

The F-111C used long span wings and strengthened landing gear. 24 of these were supplied to the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force.)

The F-111D included advanced Mark II Avionics, which increased the cost and maintenance.

The F-111E is similar to the "A" model with enlarged engine intakes to be used in conjunction with the more powerful TF30 engine, which was never fitted.

The F-111F is an improved tactical version of the aircraft, with two 111.5 kN (25,100 lbs. st.) TF30-P-100 engines and simplified avionics.

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0529ef~1.jpg (29516 bytes) daha2.jpg (8118 bytes) ef-111a.jpg (30559 bytes) f111ln.jpg (22296 bytes)

There was an extended study on an improved model FB-111H to be fitted with General Electric F 101 engines, advanced avionics, and enlarged weapons bay, however this version also did not reach production.

An intersting feature to look for on the F-111's are the inlet vortex generators hinged on the forewing just above the engine intakes.


Wing Span; (maximum sweep) 9.74 m. (31' 11 1/2"), Length; 22.4 m. (73' 6"), Maximum take-off weight; 45,360 kg. (100,000 lbs.), Maximum Speed 2,335 km/h. (1,450 mph.), Maximum range; 4,707 km. (2,925 miles)

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