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What's Coming Next?

Just a bit of what's coming up;

I have taken some new photos and will post them in a few weeks. They are of a Voodoo in prime condition, a Banshee, fully restored, Harvards and the Tracker.

Some of the following are already added to the site.

1 A4e

2 Awacs

3 B17

4 b2

5 banshee

6 catalina pby

7 cf100

8 coastguard

9 dash-8

10 delta dart

11 eagle

12 f-16

13 goldenhawk RPV

14 harvard

15 huey hh1

16 hurricane

17 kc-10

18 lancaster

19 liberator

20 mitchell

21 pavehawk

22 pedator

23 prowler

24 raptor

25 sabre

26 seaking

27 sikorsky

28 sopwithcamel

29 spitfire

30 stealth

31 t-38 Talon

32 tracker

33 u2

34 vampire

35 xseries

The civil aviation photos and negatives are being organized at this time. There are an enormous number of airlines, aircraft to come. I'll let you know when it gets close.

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