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The Snowbirds

Flying the CT-114 Tutor the Snowbirds 431 Air Squadron first began performing in 1970 in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. Since that time they have performed shows from Inuvik Northwest Territories, to Guadalajara Mexico.

The Snowbirds are considered one of the best flight teams in the world flying nine aircraft formations. The RAF Red Arrows and Italian Air Force demonstration team are the only other flight teams to fly nine aircraft formations.

The photos below show the Snowbirds from the early 1970's to the present day. Note how the paint scheme has evolved over the years. Click on the gallery to the left to see more recent photos of the Snowbirds.

sno71_01.jpg (13844 bytes) sno73_02.jpg (11927 bytes) sno73_03.jpg (12596 bytes) sno73_04.jpg (12537 bytes)
sno78_05.jpg (14010 bytes) sno78_06.jpg (12050 bytes) sno78_07.jpg (10703 bytes) sno79_08.jpg (16549 bytes)


vulc3_01_small.jpg (1501 bytes) Two very rare photos with the CT-114 Tutor in formation with the Vulcan B2 Bomber vulc3_02_small.jpg (1689 bytes)

Click on the second Snowbird gallery to the left to see much more.

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