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Boeing KC-135A Stratotanker

The Boeing KC-135 A (based on the Boeing 707 airframe) first flew on August 31, 1956 (55-3118) and regular production began on June 28, 1957. Total production was 724. In the tanker role it could carry 118,105 liters (31,200 gallons U.S.) The cabin could also be used to carry troops loaded via the port forward fuselage door (photo below) up to 80 passengers or any combination of freight/passengers desired. By reducing fuel load, up to 160 troops could be airlifted. There were numerous variants and conversions from command posts and  staff transports to weather reconnaissance aircraft.

Specifications; Engines (four) 6,237 kg. (13,750 lbs.) thrust Pratt & Whitney J57-59W turbojets, Wing span 39.88 m. (130' 10"), Length; 41.53 m. (136' 3"), Height; 11.68 m (38' 4"), Wing area; 226.03 sq. m. (2,433 sq. ft), Maximum take-off weight 136,078 kg. (300,000 lbs.), Cruising speed 853 km/h (530 mph.), Range; 6,920 km. (4,300 miles.)

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Boeing KC-135A #14829

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