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Premiere Flight Links

I have spent some time at the following links. They are among the best I have seen so far. If you know of any others, please email me.

Bombardier Aerospace

US Air Force Link

United States Air Force Website

Canada D-Net Canada's D-Net

Forest Industries Flying Tankers, Martin Mars After you have visited my Martin Mars Page, go to the Forest Industries Flying Tankers Website

Royal Austrailian Air Force Royal Australian Air Force

5af2_n[1].gif (4549 bytes) Coming In On The Wing And A Prayer, Memorial Site. Many historic B-24 images

Royal Air Force

4-Wing Cold Lake

Swedish Military Aviation Swedish Military Aviation

Thunder and Lightnings Thunder and Lightnings

Elevon Elevon Aviation on the Internet

pano_home_off2.jpg (3187 bytes)

Aviation In B.C.

Aviation Information .... All The Time ... OnLine

More Links

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