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Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

It is sufficient to say that this amazing aircraft warrants more than the space I have here. The SR-71A followed the Lockheed U2 and originated from the A-11 (later converted to YF-12A Interceptors) which first flew on April 26, 1962. I think the most amazing thing about this aircraft is that without the computer technology of today, Lockheed developed a Mach 3 aircraft, refined the metals needed for the incredible heat stress and overcame what must have been enormous technical problems to produce the worlds fastest aircraft.

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The first SR-71A reconnaissance aircraft flew on December 22, 1964. One of the unique things about the Blackbird, is that because of the enormous range of heat the airframe is subjected to, that when it is on the ground, it seeps fuel, so don't smoke near it! The Black bird also has a very high landing speed 278 km/h. (173 mph.) and take off speed 370 km/h. (230 mph.) The SR-71 A holds a world speed record which it set in 1976 of 3,529.56 km/h (2,139 mph.) and a sustained altitude record of 25,929.03 m. (85,069 ft.)

Specifications; Engines (two) Pratt & Whitney JT11D-20B J58 bleed turbojets 144.6 kN. (32,500 lbs. st.) afterburning, Wing span; 16.94 m. (55' 7"), Length; 32.74 m. (107' 5"), Maximum take-off weight; 77,111 kg. (170,000 lbs.), Maximum level speed; approx. Mach 3.3, Armament; none.

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