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The Northrop B-2 Spirit

First flying July 17, 1989 the intended replacement for the B-1B had initially had it's fleet number cut to16 from the promised 133 bombers. This aircraft is the world's first "stealth" strategic bomber. The Spirit has been designed to offer low infra-red and small radar signatures. This is accomplished by the  blended wing and airframe as well as the use of several radar-absorbing materials in the skin. Fully a fly by wire jet, the Spirit has zig-zag trailing wings which function as flaps, ailerons, rudders, and elevators. The engines have no afterburning capability. Crew size is two or three. Fuselage contains a rotary-type launcher in the two weapons bays.

Specifications; Engines; (four) General Electric F118-GE-110 turbofans 84.5 kN. (19,000 lbs st.), Wing Span; 52.43 m. (172' 0"), Length;  21.03 m. (69' 0"), Maximum take-off weight; 181,440 kg. (400,000 lbs), Maximum level speed estimated to be high sub-sonic, Range 8,155-11,676 km. (5,067-7,255 miles), maximum load 22,69 kg. (50,000 lbs.)



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