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Boeing EC-137D / E-3 Sentry

On July 23, 1970 Boeing became the contractor for the AWACS system (Airborne Warning and Control System)  The Boeing E-3 Sentry uses a Boeing 707-320B airframe which was powered by (eight) TF-33 engines, later changed back to (four) TF-33 turbofans to meet budget requirements. The most prominent feature of the Sentry is the 9.14 m. (30' 0") diameter rotating dome mounted on the upper fuselage pylon. It houses  antennas for the radar and IFF. The first Sentry was  delivered March 24th, 1977.

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Specifications; Engines; (four)  Pratt & Whitney TF33-100/100A turbofans 9,525 (21,000 lbs.), Wing span; 44. 42 m. (145' 9"), Length; 46.61 m. (152' 11"), Height  12. 73 m. (41' 9"), Maximum speed; 530 mph. (853 km/h.), Maximum endurance; 11 hours on internal fuel.

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