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Vought A-7 Corsair II

The US Navy had called for a new low cost single place light attack aircraft. To keep the costs in line the design was to be based on an existing aircraft. The Vought A-7 Corsair was initially a design study based on the F-8 Crusader. The first prototype flew on September 27, 1965. The A-7 had a number of improvements over the F-8. The A-7 had a redesigned engine intake, to reduce problems encountered during catapult launch, it also had a fully hinged wing to allow the front edge of the wing to rotate up during take-off or landing.

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Specifications; Engine (one) Pratt & Whitney TF30-P-6 50.5 kN. (11,350 lbs. st.) non afterburning (A7-A), P & W TF30-P-8 54.3 kN. (12,200 lbs. st.) (A-7B), Allison (Spey) TF41-A-1 65.5 kN. (14,500 lbs. st.)(A-7D), P & W TF30-P-408 59.6 kN. (13,400 lbs. st.)(A-7E), Wing span; 11.8 m. (38' 9"), Length; 14.06 m. (46' 1 1/2"), Maximum take off weight; 19,050 kg. (42,000 lbs.), Maximum level speed; 1,112 km/h (691 mph.), Range 3,671 km. (2,281 miles) (ferry).

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