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de Havilland D.H. 104 Dove

First flying  as a prototype September 25, 1945, the D.H. 100 was constructed in three versions; The Dove, the Devon and Sea Devon. Total production of the Dove was 540 aircraft.

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Specifications; Engines; (two) Gipsy Queen 70 253.4 kW. (340 hp.), or Gipsy Queen 70 Mk. II 283 kW. (380 hp.), Gypsy Queen 70 Mk. II (series 7) 298 kW. (400 hp.), Wing Span; 17.4 m. (57' 0"), Length; 11.96 m. (39' 3"), Maximum take off weight; 4,060 kg. (8,950 lbs.), Maximum cruising speed 338 km/h (210 mph.), Range; 1,415 km. (880 miles)

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